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I was lacking in adventure this past months.  Eddon is now in college, Amara is “wreaking havoc” in pre-school.  Summer vacation was spent wondering and thinking of future plans.  We’ve been to nearby attractions, but the fingers were too lazy to hit the keyboard, the mind was too timid of what to write.  Crater trekker has been very much stagnant, partly intentional and partly indolent.  Indolence came probably from criticisms and comments that partly affected much of my enthusiasm to write.

I am an occasional blogger, apart from mood swings and lack of concentration this past season.  And since the summer that just passed was the time I got a tan because of consistent weekend biking, my interest suddenly shifted in my new-found mode of relaxation, if you can find biking uphill relaxing.

It was when I was testing the new folding bike that I decided to ditch my usual biking route inside Clarkfield.  As I reached Mabalacat City proper from our place in Dau, I decided to head straight to Tarlac and forego biking inside the former American base.  Yes, Mabalacat is now a city by virtue of plebiscite last year, although its cityhood was the result of revenues inside the former base where, historically, seventy percent (70%) of the land area belongs to Mabalacat.  In the Philippines, you can create a city by economic investments, not from what they call effective governance.   The base was converted into an economic zone after the American Military left after the destruction caused by Mt. Pinatubo.

Passing Mabalacat “City Proper”, I pedaled towards north and reached Bamban Bridge with its famous suspension steel arch design towering in the middle of the highway.  One of the modern bridges erected in the Philippines, every traveler seems to be amazed of this kind of modernity in spite of the massive destruction from the past that surrounded it.  I stopped for a while to catch my breath.  Using the folding bike is not that easy, with its 20-inch tires more tiring than the 26-inch tires of my all-terrain bike.  I regretted not to bring a decent camera so I just took a picture from my semi-dilapidated mobile phone and strolled away for a farther destination.  

I reached Death March Memorial Shrine in Capas after an hour and decided for another quick rest stop and tour around the shrine.  It was déjà vu all over again as I remembered my first long ride was in this route around three years ago.

My indefinite itinerary was supposed to be Luisita Mall in Tarlac City but after passing Capas town proper I remembered a task at home I forgot to do.  With deep regret, I turned around and headed straight home, a little bit sad that my unplanned adventure didn’t push through completely, but with high hopes that a perfect moment will come to contemplate a continuation, perhaps even reaching as far as the nearest coast in Pangasinan.  Probably not bad for a folding bike, I’m sure.

My sense of adventure has finally awakened.  I was back for another adventure, albeit a shortened one - and I hope for more to come.

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