We don’t blog just to be famous

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Blogging is an art.  It is sometimes a passion for the poet beneath the skin.  It is harsh when the truth is at stake in the battle for pride and reputation.  It is education for those who are willing to learn.  It is also emulation for those who are willing to lead by example.

It is also a responsibility.  Blogging is not just about everyday journals or ramblings, it is also a way to understand and feel around you.  It is sometimes filled with emotion, sometimes dealt with compassion, and sometimes foster relations.  It may not be a way of life but it might be a defining moment on things you decide in your years of existence.

So, why do we blog?  This is not something to show off to everyone so that we can have our fifteen minutes of fame.  This is not to show you our prowess in constructive English.  And this is not to let you know we are wise and an “advisory channel” when counsel is needed most.  

We let out our angst in the hopes of understanding what was misunderstood before.  We write some of our secrets, opened a little bit of our closets, so that people would have a little bit of idea on who we are.  We tell you stories, because we wanted you to know that there are places beyond the reaches of the four corners of your room, or cubicle for some, and your eighteen inch monitor.  We are like your old but wise granddad mesmerizing you with his decade-old stories of wonder during our younger days.  

Lastly, we blog to create social awareness.  It is not just to get attention even though sometimes we get more attention than we deserve.  It is not to get famous but to enlighten some of us on important things that escape us as we thread on to the future, as we devise ways to achieve our dreams.  We don’t blog just to be famous, we write things because we want you to get the point.  And if you didn’t get it, at least we did our part in orienting you into this world full of pretenses.

Malapit na naman ang Mahal na Araw

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Malapit na naman ang mahal na araw.  Malapit na naman ako makakita ng nagpipinitensya.  Katangi-tangi ang pagdiriwang ng mahal na araw dito sa Pampanga.  Sikat doon sa may San Fernando yung nagpapapako sa krus.  Halos gayahin ang mga pangyayari kay Hesus, kulang na lang mamatay din sila at mabuhay pagkatapos ng ikatlong araw.

Abala rin ang buong lalawigan sa pagpapaganda ng kani-kanilang kapilya o lugar na pagdadausan ng pabasa, na isang pagsasalaysay ng buhay ni Kristo.  Hindi mawawala ang pabasa, ang pagkukwento ng pasyon  sa pamamagitan ng pagkanta.  Parang magulo noh?  Bakit pabasa ang tawag kung ito ay kinakanta?  Hindi ba mas mainam na tawagin itong pakanta?  O kaya ay patula?


Balik tayo sa penitensya.  Dahil kakaiba ang naging kaugalian ng mga Pilipino tuwing mahal na araw, dito makakakita ka araw-araw sa isang buong linggo simula lunes santo, ng mga nagpi pinitensya na naka taklob ang kanilang mukha, hubad na pang-itaas habang hinahagupit nila ang kanilang katawan kagaya ng pagpapahirap ng mga Romano kay Kristo.  Meron ding may pasan na krus, merong mga grupo naman sila, at kadalasan may mga kasamang umaalalay kung sakaling may hindi inaasahang mangyari.

Sa loob ng isang linggo sa isang taon ito ay nakikita sa halos lahat ng kalsada sa Pilipinas.  Sa loob ng isang linggo sa isang taon maraming namamanata at nagpipinitensya.  At sa loob ng isang linggo sa isang taon nagpapaka-kristiyano ang mga Pilipino.  Pero pagkatapos ng isang linggo, balik na naman sa dating gawi.  Sugal, alak, babae at kung anu-ano pang bisyo.  Kurakot sa posisyon, panloloko sa ibang kapwa, at kung anu-anong kasalanan na inihihingi ng kapatawaran tuwing mahal na araw.  Isang linggong debotong Kristiyano laban sa halos isang taon na puno ng kabalbalan na gawain.  Hindi ko alam kung sinu-sino sa mga nagpipinitensya ang totohanan, wala rin akong karapatang maghusga.  Pero sana lang wag tayong magpakitang tao lamang.  Hindi nagpapako sa krus si Hesus para lang magpakumbaba tayo sa Diyos ng isang linggo lang.

Hindi tayo nabuhay para maligtas ni Hesus sa mundo.  Naligtas tayo para mamuhay sa piling niya!

Malapit na naman ang mahal na araw... malapit na naman ba ang tangi mo lang pagkakataon para magsisi sa mga kasalanan?

Ronaldinho slowly inching his way back into the field

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After a disappointing 2007-2008 campaign where his season ended prematurely with injury and the much-publicized disagreement with his team FC Barcelona, Ronaldinho decided to sign up with AC Milan in the hopes of forgetting his bitter fallout with Spanish league giants.

Never has Ronaldinho’s career experienced a downward slope since his first professional stint with Gremio in Brazil, his first international experience in FIFA U-17 World Championship in 1997, and a solid performance in 2002 World Cup where Brazil emerged champions.  It seems that the craze and the rush of adrenaline Ronaldinho has brought to spectators every single game he has played on would catch the whole world forever.  Even more mesmerizing was his tremendous achievement when he started to play in Barcelona in 2003, helping the team secure second place finish in the league during the same year, and capturing the league title for the following two years - 2004 and 2005 - and also winning him the FIFA player of the year in 2004.  He put Barcelona on top of the European football map within 2 years after he signed up with the Catalan team, aside from individual awards and accolades he received.

2006 – Downhill Onwards

After Brazil’s disastrous 2006 World Cup campaign where they were
eliminated by France, things all went downhill for Ronaldinho.  He was partly blamed, not only by his fellow Brazilians but also by soccer enthusiasts, for the team’s failure to capture the World Cup trophy with Brazil’s formidable line-up - watched by envious coaches who have dreamed of a fearsome team similar with that of the Selecão.  He was dropped from the 2007 line-up, was suspended one time on an FC Barcelona game, and had disagreement with them following his 2008 Olympic Games commitment for Brazil and the Champions League for Barcelona. 

A muscle tear on his right leg ended abruptly his 2007-08 season for Barcelona.  He was reported having fought verbally with his coach Frank
Rijkaard and things went to worst when FC Barcelona President Joan Laporta hinted indirectly that Ronaldinho needed to leave the club and seek greener pastures elsewhere.  Speculations of his indiscipline, training negligence, and partying ways have also contributed to the factors leading to his career’s sudden crash.   

Enter An Italian renaissance

As soon as Ronaldinho was leaked as up for grabs, there were a few notable clubs who where interestedly after him.  Inter Milan and even Manchester City of former Thai PM Thaksin Shinawatra has openly signifying their intention to get him.  Even Chelsea and Real Madrid had secretly hoped that they would catch this talented football superstar; hoping things would turn around for the better for their club, even if Ronaldinho is still in his off-form.  Ronaldinho decided to sign with AC Milan even if Manchester offered more money, ending months of speculations on his move and his preferred team jersey.  Apparently, he was seeing red and black all the time. 

With Brazilian teammates Kaka, Alexander Pato, Dida, and Emerson, and the arrival of superstar David Beckham on loan from LA Galaxy, AC Milan, for now, might have what it takes to win the league title and a stint at the Champions’ league where they missed out last year.  Although Ronaldinho is still way off from his deadly form, the whole team is very much optimistic to see his old self, not merely humiliating his opponent guard with his dribbling skills but also contributing on the success of the team, just like what happened to mediocre Barcelona before his arrival.

While some Barcelona fans are mourning for Ronaldinho’s departure, keep in mind that in the world of football, particularly in big leagues wherein they throw lots of money, 3 years of excellence can never be an assurance even if there is a small dip in performance.  It doesn’t matter at how many goals you’ve scored a single game, because when everything is messed up, you will always be the scapegoat, just as what happened to Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, and Beckham.  Even if Ronaldinho helped push Barcelona to a higher level, he was nearly forgotten and dropped instantly when his skills dropped considerably.  And as one door closes, another window of opportunity opens, and usually for someone whose talent and determination still inspires to be successfully on top, Ronaldinho will have his way back into football glory. 

Sermon sa sarili

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Punyeta naman eh.

Andaming paraan para magpahangin naisip mo pang mag-basketbol.  Alam ko may bumabagabag sa isip mo ngayon pero maraming paraan para ma-refresh ang utak bukod sa sugal, alak, at agogo dancer sa tanghali.  At dahil wala kang magawa, at hindi ka rin naman pwedeng lumayo sa harap ng PC mo eh sinubukan mong ma-exercise ang butu-buto mo sa pamamagitan ng paglalaro ng basketbol.

Ayan tuloy naaksidente ka!  Sukat ba naman mag-feeling Dennis Rodman ka.  Alam ko naman na may talento kang konti sa basketbol bukod sa pang-aasar sa kalaban tuwing may intrams, pero wag naman yung todo bigay ka, tulad ng nangyari kanina.  Anong resulta?  Tumalon ka at bumagsak ka na una ang pwet at siko.  Walang problema sa pwet mo, cute pa rin kahit maitim.  Kaso yung siko mo namamaga.  Hindi mo masyadong maigalaw noh?  Ayan kasi, sinabi ko naman sayo na nag-iisa lang ang Jordan sa mundo, wag mong gayahin ang lundag niya.

Hatinggabi na hindi ka pa rin makatulog sa kirot?  Kasalanan mo yan.  Sa tingin ko hindi ka na makakapaglaro, malamang habambuhay.  Damaged goods ka na.  Nung elementary ka namaga yung mata mo dahil tinamaan ng bola ng baseball.  Tanga ka kasi hindi mo nasalo ng maayos, praktis pa lang yun.  Nung hayskul ka at nadapa ka sa soccer game niyo sa eskwelahan at tumama ang tuhod mo na hindi na naayos at laging kumikirot tuwing taglamig, dun pa lang wala ka nang karir sa sports.  Nung nag darts ka nung college napilayan ka rin sa kamay.  Hindi ka pwede sa swimming lagi kang pinupulikat.  Hindi ka rin uubra sa track and field may hika ka dati eh.  Ewan ko ba kung bakit takaw aksidente ka sa laro.

Bukas magpahilot ka.  Ipaayos mo yan bago ka maging komang.  Nang hindi ka rin ngingiwi-ngiwi sa kirot habang nasa lamay ka.

Tumigil ka na rin... Hindi para sayo ang basketbol...

Paalam... Kaibigan...

By DuNi

Nakakalungkot isipin na wala ka na.  Ang pagkakaibigan natin na nagsimula nung pare-parehas tayong nasa graveyard shift.  Nagkakilala dahil ayaw magpadalaw ng antok dahil sa maselang oras ng trabaho noong taong 2002.  Pagkakaibigang maraming dinaanan, andyan yung pag gimik tuwing byernes noong panahon na barya lang ang limandaang piso na ibabawas sa mga sweldo natin para makapag-inuman, ang palitan ng mga collection ng anime’s, ang pagtuturo ng ibang kaalaman sa pag-aayos ng PC, ang pang-aasar sa chatroom at marami pang iba.  Para sa amin, naging makabuluhan ang mga naibigay mong kasiyahan at panahon sa aming lahat.

Gulat ang lahat sa pagpanaw mo.  Hindi masukat na kalungkutan ang nadarama kahit alam ng lahat ng pinagdaanan mo nitong mga nakaraang taon dahil sa iyong karamdaman.  Pinilit naming ipadama ang pagsuporta upang labanan ang sakit na nararamdaman mo.  Hindi man kami araw-araw dumadalaw, narito kaming lahat para samahan ka sa pag-ahon sa matinding pagkakaratay.

Sa isang tunay na Kaibigan na tulad mo, biglaan man ang iyong pamamaalam, mananatili ka pa rin sa puso ng Opismeyts…

The Opis is where the heart is, and you are inside our hearts… forever…

Paalam Kaibigang Niño

Of networking sites and preferences

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You have a Multiply account right?  And obviously Friendster, and Facebook, a Blogspot, probably a MySpace account, throw in a Hi5 and other countless networking sites out there in the internet.  We have all been “victimized” by our vanity in the positive hope of communicating with lost friends and somehow re-invigorate and feel the sense of belonging.

But isn’t having too many accounts enough?  We don’t really need to register to all those redundant sites with nothing more to offer except – uploading pictures.  Pictures on the bathroom, pictures before going to sleep, picture after waking up before washing your face, pictures and lots and lots of pictures.  If you are a golfer, would you register for membership at all golf clubs?  I’m sure you get my point.  Can I even manage updating each and every one of those sites?  I do not think so.

So with all the hype about bonding thru social networking, I decided to concentrate on where else, but here in Multiply.  Each has their own uniqueness, and a couple sites that looks alike some others, yet Multiply is very distinctive with its design layout.  It is a sort of a mini personal website with its customizable themes, if you know the right HTML or CSS tweaks that you like.  Entries are segregated by its type of data, whether you are writing some of your ramblings or posting your bikini tops.  It does look organized, and for a litter bug like me, it is pleasing.

I have registered to a lot of sites, but you won’t probably see my dedication in updating them unlike here. 

Besides, this is what my parish priest has been saying all along…

“go ahead and Multiply…”