The Ambassador to the people

Category: By DuNi

I caught Ambassador Kristie Kenney on the morning radio show of Anthony Taberna and Gerry Baja in DZMM while I arrived home.  Surprised as I was, I overheard that it is actually her second time to guest talk that show, the first one a couple of months ago.  They were talking about everything, from her country’s and even personal political point of view up to what food she likes and even her favorite basketball team.  Now, I did not hear any other ambassadors, foreign and even local, making a similar gesture like that, I do not even remember a single US Ambassador to the Philippines.  I would only hear news from the Ambassadors when they are actually appointed and when they are replaced.  

This lady is much more different than her predecessors.  She is actually being seen on public places.  She watched the UAAP Championships, she is currently watching the PBA finals, she was seen in a public market in Mindanao, she met with MILF leaders, and she is a guest in a radio show.  There could probably be other radio shows with a more significant host, but here she was, smiling and excitedly trying to accommodate all of the questions, even when both Anthony and Gerry are having a hard time communicating with her on English.  I am not saying that both hosts are not worthy, but to be able to have an Ambassador twice in your morning show is really something.

Perhaps redefining diplomatic duties, or merely being amiable to a country that has soft spot for Washington leaders, Ambassador Kenney is a positive development, not only for US-RP relations, but also, she is somebody to be emulate upon for everyone who are appointed to that very critical and sensitive job.  She is bringing herself closer to the people, understanding their needs, and communicating with them, much better than our very own local government officials who should take a cue from her.  I heard that she was actually loved by the people for her very accommodating attitude, something un-American in certain aspects.  She could have just set a phone interview with the hosts; instead she was actually in person in a cramped radio station having fun with the two.  

The Philippines is lucky to have her as emissary of the most powerful nation in the world.  If only all Americans were like her, I wouldn’t even object if ever they proposed our country as part of them.