10 things you don't normally do at SCTEX

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1.  Roam around the SCTEX interchange

2.  Watch the sun rise

Ang Taniman

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lupang inagaw
balang nagpalahaw
dumanak ang dugo
napuno ng gulo
ang taniman ng tubo

ang mga sunog na balat
kulang pang pahirap
ang mga patang katawan
kulang pang puhunan
para may pagkain sa hapunan

ang tanging inaasam
magkaroon ng sariling tatamnan
may kakanin at ulam
hindi tanimang nakamkam
hindi bala, hindi karahasan

walang kapayapaan
walang katahimikan
patuloy ang kaguluhan
sa maralitang inagawan
ng lupang ayaw ding bitawan

Clarkfield: Near yet so far, easy yet so hard...

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Clarkfield in Pampanga is only a seven peso ride in the jeepney.  It is so near where we currently reside that we could constantly see airplanes which my daughter delights in admiring them in the open skies.  So when I planned to have my leisure ride, I thought it would be just another walk in the park, or in this case, a ride in the field.  I was dead wrong.

Time to hit the road

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I have finished restoring up my old bike.  From a piece of junk that only required an arm’s throw into the garbage dump, I decided to spend some time into it.  I have been criticized by some people in the neighborhood because at the start, it was really a piece of junk if you have seen it.  Most of those people have been encouraging me to junk the crap I called bike, buy a motorcycle, sounding just like every motorcycle salesperson.  They think that what I am doing is just a waste of time.  A motorcycle can be easily maintained, as they continuously persuade me with all their flattering remarks on the wonders of motorcycling.  They thought I don’t really know to ride a motorcycle.  It’s just that I don’t really like to ride one.  I am adhering to most people’s belief that “riding a bike is like having sex, once you learn, you’ll never forget”.  Although in biking you don’t use your tongue, it is still okay with me.

After a year (yes, it took me a year because of budget constraints), I finally restored the bike to my preferred setup, and what’s lacking onwards is what to do with it.  I really did not intend it as an errand bike (‘pambili ng suka’ in common terms), I wanted it to help me to be fit and at the same time to use it to explore the places around me.

The first step was last Sunday, when I initially decided to stroll around Clark.  Unfortunately, the day before, I forgot to buy two of the most important accessories I needed.  I have my helmet already but I was not able to get some tools used for emergencies.  I decided at the last minute to scrap the Clark plan and do something I thought was easier destination, Luisita Mall.  Clark was just minutes away, but without having a spare tube, it will be likely isolated when an emergency happens.  I decided to hit McArthur Highway in case something happens I can easily ask for help or I could ride a jeep back easily.

I was late and left at seven in the morning, after the sun has been up and shining.  I was planning to start at 5AM but I woke up late.  It was a perfect day, so I thought, since the previous days were spoiled by an array of typhoons threatening to flood almost the entire country.  Even the day before the ride, there were still some occasional rains which could have ruined my weekend plan. 

I stopped at the Death March Memorial in Capas for a short rest and also to enjoy the scenery.  It was going to be a great day, and not even having a spare tube won’t spoil my trip.  Besides, I chose this path because I know there are a lot of vulcanizing shops along the way.  The only drawback though is the struggle between me and my bike against the trucks, buses, and other vehicles in the highway.  It’s a dangerous world out in the highway for me so I did everything to have a safe ride, even if it takes me the whole morning to get to my destination.

I reached my destination in approximately a couple of hours and more (I wasn’t timing it).  After a quick meal and a short rest, I decided to return back since there was nothing to do in Luisita anymore after eating.  I was on solo ride so there was nobody to talk about anything under the sun, literally speaking.  The ride back was a little slower as fatigue and heat are slowly creeping within me.  I had cramps and rested in a waiting shed at Bamban junction and another one at Mabalacat-Bamban bridge overlooking the grotto.  I was passed by other riders while resting near the bridge, but I was easily passed by every riders I met on the road ever since the start of my road trip because most of them have geared bikes while my bike was on single speed sprocket and no other gears to rely on road climbs, this setup is every masochists’ dream.  I was back at home by 1PM with my legs trembling because of exhaustion, excitement and the thrill.  I am already looking forward for my next trip even now.