Mark Caguioa is not the MVP. He should have been.

Category: By DuNi

Mark Caguioa deserves more the award, with an exclamation point.  If everyone is saying that the primary reason is that Ginebra is not in the finals, it’s just like saying that Derrick Rose doesn’t deserve the MVP award in the NBA because of the same reason.  How do we really define a Most Valuable Player???  Personally, it's all about how valuable to your team when your team is backed against the wall.  Did any player, particularly from the grandslam aspirants, ever experienced that this year, with all their lopsided wins??? Did they ever exerted effort of winning games twice even without an import???  Where’s the “individual value” if your team is winning by playing together?  How do you define most valuable when everybody has equal shares???  Shouldn’t it be that the whole team deserves the MVP trophy instead???