Bottled Up

Category: By DuNi

an unscheduled meet-up
of two people on a cloudless night
an unexpected talk long overdue
casual conversations with no end in sight

it felt like cloud nine
the hours seems like forever
silently I wish it wouldn’t end
seems my happiness made me unaware

The Lighthouse

Category: By DuNi
There was this story when I was still connected to the NGO.  We were facilitating a seminar in Zambales on Turtle Conservation and some relevant issues like the restoration of Capones Island Lighthouse.  Somebody who's name and face I cannot remember brought out this story while we were resting at the beach.  Although the storyteller has vouched for it's authenticity, I still believe this one is to good to be true. 

The following is believed to be a transcript of the actual radio conversation of a US Naval ship with Canadian authorities off the coast of Newfoundland:

Dormant and Disappointed

I dream of paradise most of the time.  Unfortunately, I was having a hard time looking for it nowadays.  I have not been travelling to places I wanted to see so I wasn’t sure what to write.  I have been roaming around my city with my bike every weekend, since I cannot contain my feet from itching to travel.

It has been frustrating not to see Mt. Pinatubo, Hundred islands, and even my mother’s hometown attraction, Taal Volcano  ( even now that it is showing signs of volcanic activity and might lead to an eruption).  I even had planned on biking to Subic but there is something wrong with my bike so the plan fell apart.  I am going to do some minor upgrades and see if I can revive my botched plan.

The only solace so far was going back to Pundakit and Anawangin Cove this year.  The family went there last Holy Week to relax.  I have been to Pundakit a lot of times, the first in 2004 when I was “saving turtles”.  This is actually the first time the four of us went there – me, wifey, and the two kids with only the four of us to enjoy and experience travelling together.